Embodying Spirit

I was talking to my friend Donna Blank the other day. Donna is fantastic with words and she was describing an experience we had shared. I quote her loosely here because she captured something so important and yet I didn't get it word for word. "We are learning to reach out to this expansive spacious place where all is possible, to be in this spacious field and at the same time work on difficult issues in our body life with this resource available." 

The act of working on the hard stuff while staying connected to the whole expanse is a part of the process of embodying spirit. Each embodied process invites more room for your spirit to dwell more fully in your body in the here and now. 

Learn to use your naturally strong connection to spirit to work on issues in your body and life. Extend out to all this vast support that is available to you (actually, that is you—your natural infinite self), while you process and work through life areas that are troubling you. As issues are worked through then you can bring more of this vast support into your body = embodying spirit. The wholeness you feel from the spirit world can become an embodied vitality and a force for living in the here and now. 

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