Getting Started

Getting Started -  Fees and Logistics

To make it easy to get started, I offer a free 50 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for working together.

I offer individual sessions by phone or in person:
Do you live in my local area (my office is in Silver Spring, Maryland)? I'd love to see you in person, if desired.

Getting started is an easy 3-step process:

1. Fill in the form below, email or call me at (301) 648-2836 to request a free, 50 minute introductory session. At the intro session, I will want to hear all about you, including your current home, work, relationship or spiritual challenges and where you want to go from here. You will have time to understand how I might be able to help you get there. Everything you talk about is confidential in all sessions.

Name *
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2. Fill out the Strong Start Survey and email your answers to

3.  At the end of the intro session, if you are ready to hire me, together we can talk about the best approach for you and decide on the times to meet each month.

Our work together, whether by phone or in person, will consist of one or more 50 minute sessions each month. 

That's it!  You are on your way to creating the life you want with my support.


By phone or in person, your monthly fee is $90 for each 50 minute session.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations must be received and confirmed by Mary Kay by email or phone during working hours, Monday – Friday, in order to not be charged for the scheduled session.

Ready to get Started? Take the first step and email and request an introductory session.

To pay on-line for individual sessions, click here.