HSP's Must Have Meaningful Work!

We HSP's MUST have meaningful work. Dr. Barrie Jaeger makes this clear in her book Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person. I'll offer four quotes from her book (with brief introductions) and let Dr. Jaeger speak for herself:

Drudgery is a concept Dr. Jaeger introduces to describe boring, unchallenging work situations where work is "just a job."

"So often, HSP's stay in Drudgery far too long. When they leave, they're exhausted, emotionally and perhaps financially. The pain lingers a long time. Some suffer burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome and need years to regain their full strength. And in that interim, they must still earn a living. So I urge you to listen to stories about Drudgery, in the hope that you'll realize that no matter how convinced you are that it's impossible to get out, it's not impossible. It just seems that way."

Craft is a concept Dr. Jaeger introduces to describe work with some variety and challenge, using skills with some complexity and providing enough income.

"In fact, Craft is a hybrid of Drudgery and Calling (described below). The more I learn about Craft, the more it reminds me of Dante's Purgatory, right smack in the middle between Heaven and Hell. Never too hot nor too cold, it lacks both the vast passion of Calling or the acute pain and suffering of Drudgery. Millions do very well here, and HSP's will also do fine in Craft, but we will not be soul-satisfied here, and we're still at risk for a slide down into Hell."

Calling is a concept Dr. Jaeger introduces to describe work that fits our passion.

"We work so hard at finding just the right job. The real job is finding ourselves, and letting our Calling do the work of finding us. I believe that even if all you do in life is grow as a human being, you can't help but find your Calling. I always thought the job was the Calling—but it's not true. As long as I focused on the job, I got nowhere fast. But when I focused on my personal growth, my real work seemed to smile and wiggle closer to me. It was as if the work was drawn to me, not the other way around."

And self employment is another work option that works well for some HSP's.

"In survey's of HSPs, I've found that those who are self-employed have a higher level of satisfaction with their work than those who are employees. Generally, HSPs gave three area—working conditions, the actual work performed and people interactions—much higher marks (mostly As and Bs) than employees did. (Work–life balance, by the way, was still a struggle for both groups.) Throughout history the self-employed love the freedom to control their work—the tasks, the day-to-day activities, and the decisions and relationships they build with others. These needs for control, creativity, and flexibility are shared by HSPs."

These are just a few quotes from Dr. Jaeger's book. I encourage you to read the entire book if you are an HSP and work is on your mind!

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