I Love Being Highly Sensitive!

I like being highly sensitive because I enjoy watching people and gathering hunches about them. Observing the minute changes of expression on their face and the shifts in body language. I appreciate the beauty of each person struggling to find their place. I enjoy being able to deeply sense a person's intention and follow the nuances of their inner process. I enjoy quiet and stillness and listening to my own inner voice. I enjoy the thousand myriad subtleties that when woven together create our world and our days. I enjoy watching a cat prepare to pounce. I enjoy watching a dog sleep. 

When you are invested in and enjoy subtle phenomena, the world is always new and interesting. 

Those are a few of the things that make me love being highly sensitive. Being Highly Sensitive comes with a long list of possible positive attributes. Many HSP's are responsible, loyal, creative, intuitive, have a rich inner life, appreciate beauty, and feel things deeply. Many HSP's are spiritual, artistic and humanitarian; caring about others, the environment and society. On a practical note many HSP's are better at spotting errors and avoiding making errors, are especially good at tasks requiring vigilance, accuracy and speed and the detection of minor differences and are highly conscientious. (These last three practical aspects I quote from Elaine Aron in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person).

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