It's Real, Our Brains Work Differently (Video)

Our brains really do process things differently! We HSP's have known this through experience for quite some time. The first exploratory research is out to demonstrate this. The trait of sensory processing sensitivity and neural responses to change in visual scenes, published March 4, 2010, in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Sensory processing sensitivity are the words researchers use for high sensitivity. 

The investigators had 16 participants compare a photograph of a visual scene with a preceding scene, and asked them to indicate with a button press whether or not the scene had changed. Scenes differed in whether the changes were subtle or obvious, and in how quickly they were presented. Sensitive persons looked at the scenes that had subtle differences for a longer time than did non-sensitive persons, and showed significantly greater activation in brain areas involved in associating visual input with other input to the brain and with visual attention (i.e., right claustrum; left occipito-temporal; bilateral temporal, medial and posterior parietal regions). These areas are not simply used for vision itself, but for a deeper processing of input. 

These results provide the first evidence that our brains actually work in unique ways and actually do process information more thoroughly. We can always trust our own experience, but it's validating when research supports our experience.

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