I was going in circles for years, trying to resolve my emotional and physical pains and was getting nowhere. No one, including me, recognized that my issue was that I was very highly sensitive and was feeling all kinds of things neither I nor the people around me understood. 

Mary Kay can understand my issues because she is highly sensitive herself. She helped me understand my experiences from a whole new perspective. 

I was amazed by our first session. Through some relatively simple exercises, she helped me see very clearly what some of my issues were. 

Mary Kay treats me with incredible respect.  She is kind and understanding and treats me with the same compassion and generosity of spirit she would offer to a close friend or a member of her family. It has been immensely helpful to work with a therapist who respects me and treats me with kindness and understanding even when I am not at my best.

If you are highly sensitive, someone who is not, will never be able to help you.  How would they even fully know what you experience? Mary Kay can help you because she does.

I am so glad M. A. referred me to you.

— M. S., Rental Property Manager

The time I spent with Mary Kay was absolutely crucial in healing from my divorce.  I credit her with leading me to the healthy, happy place I am now!

I learned that as much as I wanted to, I can't simply "turn off" the hurt and move on, without fully processing and experiencing the associated pain. Truly feeling my emotions and acknowledging physical responses to stress and pain has been hugely beneficial to me.

And there was dialogue! There were so many times that our conversation led to "ah-hah" moments and practical things that I could apply to my life outside of our sessions.

Mary Kay is extremely patient and flexible with the strategies she implements during our sessions. If I wasn't comfortable with one type of exercise, we'd try something different that was meaningful for me. I felt unique and valued. 

I feel extremely comfortably recommending Mary Kay's services, and I do so frequently.

—L. H., Fundraising and Development

Mary Kay is present, honest, insightful, and caring. I knew from the moment I met her that she could be trusted with my feelings. She works holistically. Mary Kay understands the complexities of relationship and how we exchange energy with people—she has helped me to understand that.

Mary Kay helps me when I have big decisions to make, especially around complicated family matters. She brings perspective to the issues of my life in a way that I don’t always get in my inner circle. She helps me find a clearer understanding of myself and the patterns I fall into it—a better sense of boundaries and perspective.

Mary Kay, you are amazing. I’m grateful to have you in my life. 

—R. F., Voice Teacher, Musical Theatre Writer

I accomplished a ton of healing out of some very early and challenging trauma places. I have had a lot of shifts and openings in my subtle energy body. By the time I left working with Mary Kay, I had come to a much better place.

I appreciated Mary Kay’s sensitivity to subtle energy and ability to work with it skillfully

I also appreciated her empathy and caring. I learned that people can heal from some challenging trauma through bodywork/energy healing, and be free of things that used to bother them.

Mary Kay offers a great service. I appreciated the healing she helped me achieve, and recommend working with her.

—E. P., Environmental Scientist

I found out about Mary Kay on the Internet while doing researched about the Energy Healers in my region.  At that time, I didn’t know anything about Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and who is defined as a HSP.

Mary Kay is very knowledgeable and kind person. Her methods for dealing with my issues were very helpful.  She suggested several different methods that I could choose from for resolving my issues. She demonstrated an in-depth knowledge in using several of these methods and they helped me grow emotionally and relieve my anxiety.

I enjoyed our tapping sessions very much.  I became an advocate for using tapping in my recent work with returning Veterans.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how energy healing “cuts through” your issues as opposed to the traditional “talk” therapy which takes lots of time and many sessions. When working with energy, you don’t have to relive every detail of your past in order to release it from your system. Energy therapy sessions get to the root of the problem on energetic and emotional levels very efficiently.

I really enjoyed our sessions.

—A. M., Sr. Instructional Designer