Why Vantage Sensitivity is Important for you

I’m really excited about this idea of Vantage Sensitivity. The research is saying over and over that sensitive people do worse than average growing up in a bad environment (including insecure attachment) and better than average growing up in a good environment (including secure attachment). 

So roll forward in time—we were born and raised in whatever fate provided, but now it is our turn to be in charge of our fate. If we chose, even at this late hour in our lives to provide ourselves with an optimum environment for growth and change, then we can become “better than average”, or better yet, magnificent! 

We really need to talk this over because it should give every sensitive person hope. It was not just in childhood, now as adults, we are still more responsive to our environment. So if we can create an optimum environment for ourselves, then we can truly become all that we were meant to be.

We are a good investment!!! Investing in ourselves means investing in a responsive organism, capable of really using what is given to us. We are able to really benefit from input.

OK, so what is an optimum environment for you? What combination of work, play, relationship and home environment will bring out the best in you? These are important questions to ask and explore.  What training or support do you need to invest in to get you where you want to go?

Ane Axeford recently said in a March 2013 Facebook post, and I agree with her, “I do believe that even if we have had insecure environments and attachment as sensitive kids, we can reparent ourselves to meet our needs now and create security for ourselves.” She also uses a powerful seed and plant analogy in her work, saying that the seed of our being must be planted in a healthy supportive environment in order for us sensitive people to grow and thrive.  

Was insecure attachment a major issue in your early life, leaving you struggling with trusting other people and longing for better relationships? That can be healed as well. Relational trauma and lack can be healed by the opposite, experiencing a healthy, therapeutic relationship. A relationship wound is best healed in relationship. Once the missing secure bond is formed with another human being, then healthy relational, emotional development can resume.  You will naturally begin to seek out healthier relationships in other areas of your life.

We are responsive—not weak. We will wilt and fail when our life does not support us, but we will thrive and become magnificent when it does