Work with Me

Every highly sensitive person is completely unique, and many of us share these needs:

  • See Yourself. You do not have an invisible weakness or basic flaw.  You were born highly sensitive!
  • Affirm Yourself. You may have absorbed our culture's negative view of HSP's - now take plenty of time to absorb the truth of your innate nature.  
  • Childhood Revisioning. Examine childhood memories with your new perspective on sensitivity and new clear understanding of your trait.  You will rewrite your history.
  • Emotional Intelligence. Become familiar and adept in dealing with the full range of your emotional response.
  • Empathic Intrusions. Get support, clarity and control over any unwanted empathic intrusions. Learn to use your empathy as the gift it is.
  • Strategize. No one feels good or performs well when overstimulated.  Create a life that meets the needs of the unique sensitive person that you are and avoid overwhelm as much as possible with good planning.
  • Thrive. With this background work well in place, follow your heart as it guides you to create the life your soul has always longed for.

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