You Are Too Sensitive!

Watch this 20 second video posted to YouTube by Deborah Bennett. Notice the first 8 seconds that this highly sensitive plant is being provided with an ideal level of stimulation to demonstrate the stunning beauty and precision of its exquisite responsiveness to touch.

Imagine someone saying to the plant, you are too sensitive!

The plant is not too sensitive—it is just a sensitive plant. The plant is especially sensitive to touch and responds to the smallest amount of tactile stimulation. That is an inborn trait for this plant. About 20% of various species, plants, animals and humans are born with the trait of high sensitivity. Sensitivity manifests in various ways in human beings: sensitivity to light, sound, touch, smell, beauty, inner life, art, music, emotions, proximity of others, foods … the list goes on.

Yet people are saying, "you are too sensitive," or "there is something wrong with you" …. NO, you are not too sensitive, you are a highly sensitive person, a neutral character trait you were born with.   

You are responding or reacting in some way to stimulation. Perhaps you are tensing up, perhaps you are getting louder, perhaps quieter. What does your body feel like, what are the sensations? Whatever your response, it may be one way you respond to being overstimulated.

Witness yourself and begin to notice the behaviors and sensations that follow for you when you are overstimulated.  Next time these behaviors and sensations occur, begin to think, "Oh, I'm feeling overstimulated." See if you can adjust the level of stimulation coming your way.

In time you will internalize this basic truth about yourself and one day someone will say, "You are too sensitive," and you will say, "No, I'm not too sensitive. I was born with the genetic trait of high sensitivity and I'm overstimulated right now."

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